More Reasons to go to Goa

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Goa needs no introduction, really. One of the most popular holiday destinations in the world, Goa is exotic, fascinating and paints a unique picture for itself, one that is quite different from the rest of India. From its glorious beaches to beautiful basilicas; Goa’s charms are beguiling and endless. Through a series of photographs, we take you to Goa and the motley bunch of experiences that it offers. Scroll down, to go Goa.

Of couples and companions

Goa, without a doubt, is a paradise for couples. Not only is it a popular Honeymoon destination, Goa is great for couples, companions and friends to spend quality time and to get involved in activities together. Even something as simple as sitting on the beach together and watching the sunset can be quite a mesmerizing experience, in Goa.

Drink your worries away

Coconut water? Alcohol? Seawater? Whatever you fancy, you’ll find it in Goa. And do enjoy your drink by the sea side, while gazing at the infinite waters. It’s nothing short of pure bliss.

Frankie says relax

Amid all the partying, thrilling water sports and hopping from one tourist attraction to another, there’s another important experience to be had in Goa. Grab one of the sun beds at the beach, get that umbrella fixed, put up your feet, sip your favourite drink and reee-lax! Spend the entire day lazing around at the beach and then finish it off by watching that breathtaking sunset.

Indulge in people/crowd watching

It’s quite fascinating to watch and observe people in Goa, especially at one of the crowded beaches. If you haven’t consciously tried that already, we suggest you give it a go on your next trip; you’ll be amazed, for sure. It’s not just the diversity of people but also their clothes, expressions, body language, etc.

Visit a night market

There are many night markets, street bazaars and flea markets in Goa and each one more interesting than the other. One such market is Ingo’s Saturday Night Bazaar in Anjuna. A definite must-visit when in Goa, Ingo’s, as the name suggests, is open every Saturday. Jewellery, clothes, handicrafts, shoes, tarot card readers, live bands, food stalls; Ingo’s is a true salad bowl of people and things. It’s also a good place to get a taste the Hippie culture.

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