This Diwali…Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye

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Don’t hold back your sweet tooth fantasies. Indulge! Our Indian festivals make for a perfect excuse to do so, where everything auspicious starts with bite of a sugary mithaai (sweetmeat)! This Diwali, let’s enter the kitchens of different Indian states and take a sneak peek to find out what’s cooking.

Enjoy cashews in their most desirable form! Fresh cashews powdered and blended with liquid sugar are sliced in a delectably sleek, diamond shape. An ideal Diwali sweet for your loved ones, Kaju Katli is actually a bestseller in North India.

Photo Credit: Rajeswari Vijay Anand/Flickr

The most beautiful pleasures in life are the simplest ones! Mysore Pak, a rectangular-shaped sweet made of sugar, besan (gram flour), milk and ghee (clarified butter). Simple-looking yet so soft, this irresistible Diwali sweet from Karnataka just melts in your mouth!

Photo Credit: WITTY234 /Shutterstock

Shaped from chhena (a variety of Indian cottage cheese) and dipped in sugar syrup, Rasgulla is native to the state of Bengal, especially Kolkata. Any auspicious occasion including Diwali is incomplete without these white-coloured, round sweet balls.

Photo Credit: Mukesh Kumar /Shutterstock

Coated with ghee, this flat disc-shaped sweet made of jaggery, rice flour and cardamom powder will surely leave you drooling. Traditionally known as Adhirasam, this South-Indian sweet is a big hit in Tamil households and sweet shops during Diwali.

Photo Credit: Rajeswari Vijay Anand/Flickr

Coiled neatly, the orange-yellow shade lends this Indian sweet, a beautiful colour. Dipped in sugar syrup, Jalebi is a crispy delight made of deep-fried dough and a universal favourite of every Indian household on Diwali.

Photo Credit: Rajeswari Vijay Anand/Flickr

Let’s welcome the season of festivities and prepare our taste buds for a mouth-watering ride this Diwali!

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