Top Five Must-dos for Adventure Junkies

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1. Paddling the Zambezi River

No class 5ers for Zambezi. More than 3400 kilometres long, the Zambezi River has got what it requires to take up the most experienced paddlers for an adrenaline gushing showdown. Satiating beginners with a 1-day paddling rush stopping just before the great plunge into the Victoria Falls, the river with an area a little less than half of Nile’s, will leave you gasping for breath while you schuss down the Devil’s Toilet Bowl, come up the Creamy Buttocks and get lost into Oblivion (names of some class 3 and class 4 rapids). And stay lost you can, for at least 4 to 7 days! Gear up for a week on the Zambezi with a few stopovers on untouched sandy beaches and fly back to the top in a chopper hailing your great victory looking down in disdain at the waters of Victoria. Do you have it you?

2. Jumping off the Grand Canyon

Have you ever been on the Canyon Skywalk? If you have, you haven’t really understood the true meaning of the word ‘thrill’. It’s not funny why the rescue authorities at the Grand Canyon strictly advise people to not undertake feats they aren’t capable of accomplishing. But who’s stopping you to give it a try. Once you are down there at the River Colorado, we recommend you not wasting your energy on tackling its rapids in a 16 footer raft. But we know you aren’t going to pay heed to any of this now, are you? So go on! Once you’re up there (by yourself or with the help of a comprehensive rescue mission), jump off the 1 kilometre tall canyon – with of course a bungee chord tied to your waist – to celebrate your victory or the fact that you made through it all alive.

3. Shark Diving in Cape Town

We checked out some companies offering shark diving in Scotland? There methods appeared safe. But hey, the water beneath you will rush out as your mind refuses to confirm the existence of that cage your body is shivering inside, when that great white shark attacks. And we know that with so much fear, one experience isn’t enough for you to really enjoy the whole thing. That’s why Gansbaai, a 2 hour picturesque drive from Cape Town and the centre point of all of SA’s shark activity, offers full-fledged shark weeks. From cage diving with the great whites to kelp diving with seals and 7-gill cow sharks, to a day at the seal island watching the hunt in action, this is one experience that you’re going to narrate to every one you meet, for the rest of your life. We’re telling it to you now, aren’t we?

4.  Hand Gliding in Interlaken, Switzerland

There are places other than Interlaken that can get you a broader perspective of the horizon but not quite as beautiful, when you schuss down a mountain slope into a deep gorge only to be pulled up in the air by your glider. This 25 minute ride over the picture-perfect city of Interlaken seems a little expensive at 165 euros but trust us, this is the closest you’ll get to flying like a bird. We got the creeps when Rodney (name changed), our guide took us for a nose dive. More than that of the Horizon’s, it’s the perspective of the sport that changed for us. Hand gliding isn’t an extreme sport until you’re gliding. Take that dive to see what we mean. Better yet, ask your guide to perform simultaneous wingovers and watch your eyes go dark and your mouth, dry.

5. Mountain Bike Orienteering in Scotland

Orienteering is a sport anyone can pickup and learn on the way. Abilities like compass reading, map reading, mountain biking, cross-country running, skiing and way-finding are some things that every one should know. And orienteering covers it all. Why Scotland? It’s beautiful! While beginners can enjoy a day-long challenge finding there way through easy tracks, experts at the sport can challenge themselves to cross-country tracks, traipsing the most difficult of terrains, resting to enjoy the scenery and getting back on track again. This is definitely not the most extreme on our list but then, it sure is second to none in terms of fun.

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Siddharth Dehl

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